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About us


About us

G'Day Mates! Enjoy the best in life by bringing your food to life with flavor packed finishing sauces.

Now you too can enjoy the new Aussie eating craze that this company started in Australia! Every artisan crafted sauce is slow cooked creating a significant reduction yielding powerful, full bodied complex flavors never seen before right out of a jar. Use as a condiment, a marinade or during cooking. Makes a great gift… check out the Mate of the Month Club.

Aussie Finishing Sauces are Australian Made and sourced from the best ingredients locally and around the world.

Take Your Next Meal from Great to Amazing!

Throw Another Shrimp on the Barbie!

The Aussie Outback Story.

(we think it is interesting, hope you do too!)


Way, way back (in 2005), down under in Australia, a company was created to bring the first ever “Top” quality food partner for BBQ and other great meals with friends. Before this, only those boring old sauces and tired old relishes, chutneys and artificial jellies existed. The company, Top Mates (branded as Spoonfed Foods in Australia), became a quick success in Australia. In fact, they were so successful that company after company tried to copy them. However, only Top Mates can claim… the original & the best!

It’s more than great sauces, this is meant to be a way of life… sharing good times with your best mates!

How many double entendres can you find in our logo?

Answer down under. (later on this page.)


What’s Different?

This identical great line of products is finally available for local US delivery. The product names have been changed to be more descriptive and understood in the US. This includes using a more descriptive term on how these are actually used… as “Finishing Sauces”, to take your meal from great to amazing!

The Australian products includes fun names such as Snag Jam… some of the best smoked tomatoes meant to be an ideal mate for sausages (Snags in Aussie speak). We also changed the description to better convey how these are often used… as a sauce to serve with the meal as a condiment or during the cooking process to infuse rich unique flavors. So… same product, different name.

Why Mate of the Month Club?

Although you can sneak some of this great sauce for yourself, the Aussie lifestyle on which this product is based is all about experiencing the best out of life with your mates. So forget about the old boring gifts, Top Mates makes not only a unique gift, but promotes Mateship (or friendship?), one of the most important things in life. Plus, you might even be invited over for an awesome BBQ! More info

The Not So Secret Process… Why Top Mates ™ are Tops.

You won’t find large companies making a product like this as they don’t have the patience nor do they want to use a special artisian process like this. However, this special small batch, slow cooking method results in complex layering of flavors as they move across your palette. There is a beautiful balance of sweetness and savory with a smooth and refined aftertaste.

One of the main ways the flavor is infused is during the approximately four hour cooking process there is a significant reduction taking place… so liquids are reduced and intense flavors remain.

Then again, some people just eat them because they are GLUTEN FREE.

What’s in a Jar?

To achieve maximum flavor and complexity, hand selected premium ingredients are slow cooked and finished with freshly chopped herbs, a flourish of spice, or fresh lemon zest, a hint of cumin or chili, pepper or roasted Asian spice. Every Aussie Finishing Sauce has a distinct personality and every Sauce is a completely different taste sensation, wonderful texture, color, balance and a layering of flavors.

  • koala-small.pngMix & Match.  All Top Mates flavors work with your choice of meat, seafood or veggies. Pick the flavor match up you like and explore! That being said, you might want to try these specific flavors with the below types of dishes.
  • applemint.pngApple & Mint (English speak for Lamb Jam)    When you order lamb at any good restaurant it always comes with mint jelly. This top mate puts all others to shame. This also helps explain what the entire line of Top Mates are all about. Why let lamb have all the fun?
  • savory-cherry.pngSavory Cherry (English speak for Ham Jam)  –  the Aussie #1 seller… great on all including the holiday ham.
  • smokedtomato.pngSmoked Tomato (English speak for Snag Jam)  –  originally designed for sausages (snags), this special smoked tomato topping surpasses all other tomato sauces on the market. Go ahead. Snag a few jars! (English speak for buy some now!)
  • pinapple.pngSavory Pineapple (English Speak for Pork Jam)  –  originally designed as the ideal mate for pork, this is also a favorite on fish or whenever you want the Hawaiian style taste.
  • onion.pngChipotle & Onion(English speak for Hot Jam)  –  Ok, we admit it, this is the only one we slightly altered from the original Aussie version by add adding Chipotle peppers because we know you love the heat! It tastes amazing right out of the jar… as a food topper or serve on crackers as an appetizer. But don’t stop there. You will want to try this during cooking or as a marinade.
  • garlic.pngCaramelized Garlic (English speak for Garlic Jam)  –  If you love garlic, you probably don’t need to know more… just try it. Use with BBQ, marinade, during cooking or just eat right out of the jar!
  • shiraz.pngOnion & Shiraz (English speak for Winemakers Jam)  A little Shiraz, a little port and a whole lot of flavor! Pretty much what you might think… great on a steak or with cheese for a gourmet appetizer. Terrific for marinade or cooking.

What’s in a Logo?


Double entendres overload! Just like our products are overflowing with bold flavors, so is our name.

  • right.png  Top = Simply the best & it goes on top of your food
  • right.png  Mates = Ideal companion for your food & the Aussie term for friend
  • right.png  Kangaroo & Koala = They are mates (friends) & the koala is sitting on top of his top (best) mate!

So go ahead, come out from the outback, gather your best mates and top your food with Top Mates ™ ! 

What is Mateship?

The concept of MATESHIP is a key part of Aussie culture, so here are some thoughts on what it means.  

Giving Back

Top Mates™ believes in mateship and giving back.  That is why we donate a portion of our profits to the non-profit Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  (www.bbbs.org)  As we grow, so will our contributions dedicated to giving a helping hand to those in need.  And it is all thanks to our loyal best mates customers like you.  Thanks Mate!