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When Is The Last Time A Customer Drove 3 Hours To Buy A Product From You?

Believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened to one of our retailers in Western Australia just a short while ago.

You see, since 2005 our delicious range of Aussie Finishing Sauces have built up a loyal and passionate following.

Customers will go out of their way to find our products. They will often suggest them to friends and family. A short time ago, a Hollywood actor even praised our range in the Sydney Morning Herald. We recently won our category in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show for our Onion & Shiraz sauce. These ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations have resulted in a growing appetite for our mouth-watering meat accompaniments.

Top Mates™ are carried by hundreds of retailers in Australia and are now available for your stores. These unusual, high quality sauces will appeal to your discerning customers for gatherings with their mates and as gifts.

We are now actively seeking new retail partners to service this demand.

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  • Chipotle & Onion
    Chipotle & Onion

    Flavorful onion heartily seasoned with chipotle peppers to add a kick to any dish. Delicious with grilled or roaste...

  • Savory PIneapple Top Mates Aussie Finishing Sauce
    Savory Pineapple

    Unleash golden pineapple & Asian spices for a tangy, fragrant sauce.  Perfect with pork, duck, chicken ...

  • Onion & Shiraz Top Mates Aussie Finishing Sauce
    Onion & Shiraz

    A sensational combination of onions, red wine & port. Very versatile, great with steak, a good roast or your...

  • Koala 22cm
    Koala 22cm

    Ever wanted to own a Koala - well now you can!  This super soft furry Mate is tops.

  • smoked roma tomato Top Mates Aussie Finishing Sauce
    Smoked Tomato

    Beautiful smoked tomatoes, enlivened with a hint of chilli and other spices.  Enjoy with barbecued sausages or g...

  • Savory Cherry
    Savory Cherry

    Brace your taste buds for juicy cherries simmered with exotic spices. Serve up your best Christmas ham ever...

  • Apple & Mint Top Mates Aussie Finishing Sauce
    Apple & Mint

    Smell the aroma; a blend of mint, rosemary, apple & other spices create the perfect partner with lamb.  Lam...

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