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Crispy skin duck breast with Savory Cherry

  • apple-mint
    applemint-trans.png Apple & Mint (English speak for Lamb Jam)  –   When you order lamb at any good restaurant it always comes with mint jelly. This top mate puts all others to shame. This also helps explain what the entire line of Top Mates are all about. Why let lamb have all the fun? More Info
  • savory cherry
    savory-cherry-trans.png Savory Cherry (English speak for Ham Jam)  –  the Aussie #1 seller… great on all including the holiday ham. More Info
  • smoked-tomato
    smokedtomato-trans.pngSmoked Tomato (English speak for Snag Jam)  –  originally designed for sausages (snags), this special smoked tomato topping surpasses all other tomato sauces on the market. Go ahead. Snag a few jars! (English speak for buy some now!) More Info
  • savory-pineapple
    pinapple-trans.pngSavory Pineapple (English Speak for Pork Jam)  –  originally designed as the ideal mate for pork, this is also a favorite on fish or whenever you want the Hawaiian style taste. More Info
  • chipotle-onion
    onion-trans.pngChipotle & Onion(English speak for Hot Jam)  –  Ok, we admit it, this is the only one we slightly altered from the original Aussie version by add adding Chipotle peppers because we know you love the heat! It tastes amazing right out of the jar… as a food topper or serve on crackers as an appetizer. But don’t stop there. You will want to try this during cooking or as a marinade. More Info
  • caramelized-garlic
    garlic-trans.pngCaramelized Garlic (English speak for Garlic Jam)  –  If you love garlic, you probably don’t need to know more… just try it. Use with BBQ, marinade, during cooking or just eat right out of the jar! More Info
  • onion-shiraz
    shiraz-trans.pngOnion & Shiraz (English speak for Winemakers Jam)  A little Shiraz, a little port and a whole lot of flavor! Pretty much what you might think… great on a steak or with cheese for a gourmet appetizer. Terrific for marinade or cooking. More Info

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