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As a former chef, it is always wonderful to find products that are better than anything you could make yourself! Gary Minford

I have 2 butchers shops, very impressed with your product, I would like to stock in both shops. Cheers Andrew

Absolutely delicious - check out independent Food Blogger reviews here

Don't eat Lamb without it!  I love this sauce and won't eat my lamb without it now. The proportions of the flavors are perfect and I love the hint of mint. Now, I always make sure I have a jar in the fridge. You won't be disappointed if you buy this product. Annette

My husband and I have tried the apple & mint sauce and if the other sauces are as good, what a treat awaits us.  Thx Jacqui

I love this product! Just tried the Apple & Mint sauce, amazing. Have just ordered the full range and I expect to love them too. Great work, I'll be telling everybody to try these products.  Regards Lance

My husband and I both enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen together. With that said, we both lead very busy lives and don’t have 4 hours a day to be whipping up everything from scratch.  Recently we were introduced to several award-winning finishing sauces from Australia called Top Mates. These sauces are now available to U.S. consumers and make a great gift for any foodie on your holiday list!  My husband is a BIG chicken eater. He loves chicken and we make it all kinds of different ways, so that it never gets boring. I would estimate that he will sit down and eat chicken at least 3 times every week. Two weeks ago he baked some check and marinaded it in the Savory Pineapple Finishing Sauce and raved and raved about it. We marinaded our chicken in the sauce for about 2 hours and then just popped it all into the oven and baked for 45 minutes. Very flavorful and delicious! Last week my husband prepared another batch of chicken and this time around he used the Top Mates Savory Cherry Finishing Sauce. Again, he just marinaded the chicken in the sauce and baked it in the oven. Just like the first finishing sauce, this one is jam-packed with flavor! We had never had cherry flavored chicken before and oh my gosh…it’s delicious!  Shelly H.  

- Read more at http://twoclassychics.com/2015/12/top-mates-finishing-sauces/#orbcarSFhj360b4v.99


Thank you so much for putting through our order so quickly. You have the best service.  Rgds Jim & Madge



After a fruitless search in specialty stores in Nth Sydney including Tomas Dux at Crow's Nest, I headed for your suggestion at 4 Fromaggio, and guess what?..they had two jars and two jars only of Hot Chipotle!!...exactly what and how many my Calif friends pleaded for and needed so desparately to feed their hopeless helpless addiction. What you're selling just might be against the law you know! ;-D

Thanks a bunch Valerie. You've made some Americans very very happy!

Cheers and beers.  Alan


After purchasing your wonderful sauces for our corporate Christmas hampers last year, we got a huge positive response; So much so that we'll be ordering these again for this years hampers!  Thanks Liquid Communications


We have recently purchased your Apple & Mint (lamb jam) and Smoked Tomato (snag jam) sauces at the Gluten Free Food Show in Melbourne... and they are FANTASTIC! We had lamb at the weekend and it took it to another level. The gourmet sausages with Smoked Tomato sauce was just sooo good.

Anyway, I think this is probably the first time I've felt compelled to email the maker and rave about the product. Well done!! Jenny


Oh my goodness do we LOVE your Hot Chipotle Sauce! Seriously – we cannot stop raving about it and we are eating it with everything!  Thank you, Dannielle


Given some by friend - absolutely wonderful.  Regards Barbara


We love your stuff and miss it dreadfully, living in Malaysia. Do you have stockists in Malaysia or a country nearby? Whilst living in Switzerland, each time (usually once a year), we returned to Australia, about half the weight on return to Switzerland in our bags were Apple & Mint, Garlic and Chilli sauces! Have a great week.  Regards Rod


So glad to see your excellent products are gluten free. Thank you.  Paul





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