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What's Mateship?

What does Mateship mean?

The concept of MATESHIP is a key part of Aussie culture, so here are some thoughts on what it means.

Mateship is about:

* connecting and bonding with others
* sharing the moment, laughing, being playful with others
* remembering great times
* telling jokes and funny stories
* being there for someone who is having a tough time
* forgetting about current problems to enjoy hanging out with your friends; escaping the grind you may be in
* not worrying about time and other pressures as you hang out together
* planning your next holiday or outing together
* forming connections with newly introduced people.
* letting down your guard around people you trust
* dropping formalities and being relaxed and who you are - authentic and genuine.
* swearing as you talk about rubbish
* having a beer, telling jokes around the BBQ as you cook the steaks, with a mate helping you turn the sausages or the shrimps.
* talking about sport
* helping your mates when they need it
* having fun with your friends e.g. throwing a football at the beach, playing beach cricket, surfing, fishing.

The concept of mateship is so strong here because of historical reasons...  

...Except for the aboriginals, people are here because of migration, many originated as convicts, many left their lands in search of a better life.  They didn't know exactly what they would find here, they left their possessions and wealth behind, making life-risking journeys (that still happens today from many war torn countries in small boats ultimately via Indonesia to land in the north of Australia). When they landed here, they didn't have extended families and relied on the help from others to get started....

...This is part of the fundamentals of mateship - its a supremely positive level of help that friends will provide to others - "to help out a mate".  as an eg, the chairman of a local soccer club, lost his house and all his belongings in a fire, not so long ago.  His family is safe, but they lost everything.  All the community rallied together to help the family, cleaning up the house, providing meals, finding accommodation and raising money to provide extra support.  This type of support is quite common and extends to small areas of life - like helping a mate with some heavy lifting or just going for a walk whhen a friend needs a chat.

Hope that gives you some insight into Aussie mateship.

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